What Are Fulham’s Chances of Surviving in the Premier League?

Following four seasons in the Championship, Fulham managed to finally get themselves promoted back into the Premier League in 2018. Since then, they have yo-yoed to and from there for the past four years. Following another season in the Championship in 2021, they managed to climb back up once again. Now, getting another go in the 2022/2023 season, what are the chances of them surviving this time around? 


New Sponsors 


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The Commitment of Marco Silva 


Marco Silva is the manager responsible for Fulham’s recent promotion and he commented recently that his journey with the squad was only just beginning. His leadership and guidance led Fulham not only to promotion but promotion in style as they managed to surpass 100 goals in their most recent season in the Championship. 


In an interview with SkySports, he said, “I wanted to take on a good challenge and a good project,” before continuing, “Fulham looks the right place to do it as they want to grow as a club and they are supporting us. The club are in need of some consistency and that is what we’ll hopefully bring.” 


New Tactics 


In the most recent games played by Fulham, for instance in their 3-2 win against Brentford, it’s clear that they are beginning to use new tactics in order to ensure their success in the Premier League. These methods are risky as they mean taking on more risk and potentially surrendering more possession, but they certainly seem to be working.


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Fulham is starting to use the long ball a lot more in their gameplay, getting Mitrovic downfield and passing it in order to put the defence and goalkeeper under constant pressure. It could easily backfire but is something that has been evidently working in their early matches as they haven’t lost in their first 3 games. 

What Are Fulham’s Chances?


After a few years of going up and down in England’s top two divisions, it looks as though Fulham are in the best position they have been to remain in the premier league. Thanks to the likes of new sponsors, a committed manager in Marco Silva and a good side implementing new gameplay, there’s no reason to believe this is not Fulham’s chance to stay up.