Arda Guler: Real Madrid’s Diamond in the Rough

This is the intriguing world of football, where players are no longer solely products of natural talent and dedication but are instead manufactured within the confines of a cutting-edge laboratory. However, amidst this groundbreaking advancement, an unforeseen event has taken place, shrouded in mystery and speculation. One exceptional player has managed to escape from the controlled environment before undergoing the laboratory’s transformative processes.


In this tale of unforeseen consequences, we find ourselves captivated by the enigmatic figure who defies the manufactured norm. This player’s essence is untamed, guided by raw instinct, and resists the artificial constraints that dictate the others. His primal nature beckons both criticism and curiosity, as even the most reserved observers cannot help but be drawn to his irresistible allure, despite their outward condemnation.


In an unrelenting pursuit of desire, a series of European clubs, one after the other, contorted in their attempts to secure him. Among them, the allure of Barcelona briefly ensnared him in its clutches. Yet, true to his seductive nature, he artfully disentangled himself, ultimately electing to reside within the regal realm of Madrid. Now nestled at Real Madrid, Arda Guler shall unfurl the full tapestry of his brilliance and wield the enigmatic wand of his talents.


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At just 18 years old, the scope of his potential appears boundless, and the prospects of what he might attain lie obscure. It is these very talents that serve as the focus of this article. Every nuance, every deft touch of the ball, and every calculated move on the field receive microscopic scrutiny as we attempt to unravel the essence of his prowess.


Dribbling and Passing


Arda Guler’s dribbling skills evoke the brilliance of Lionel Messi, forever on the brink of perfection and effortlessly mastered. He draws adversaries in, swiftly twisting in unforeseen directions, gracefully flicking the ball beyond their reach, and speeding past on the opposing side. This showcases his remarkable vision and discernment, setting him apart from his contemporaries.


With the skill to maintain balance while running at high velocity, he manoeuvres through congested spaces, maintaining exquisite ball control. Possessing a low centre of gravity and precision in handling the ball, he alters course with bewildering swiftness, leaving opponents in disarray and creating opportunities for his teammates.


His most extraordinary attribute lies in his dribbling prowess. He effortlessly takes on multiple defenders, employing unpredictable movements that render him an ever-present threat in one-on-one situations. His graceful gliding past defenders leaves them with a scarce chance of stopping him without resorting to fouls.


With regards to passing, Arda Guler’s skills are nothing short of exceptional. He consistently delivers precise passes, be it a short and crisp one to maintain possession or a long and accurate ball to unlock the opposition’s defense. His technique, footwork, and impeccable sense of timing allow him to execute these passes with remarkable precision, even under intense pressure.


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One of Guler’s defining traits as a passer is his outstanding vision and awareness of the field. Like a seasoned strategist, he surveys the surroundings, anticipating the movements of both his teammates and opponents. This uncanny ability enables him to spot openings in the defence, creating passing lanes that others might overlook. His positional play and spatial awareness give him an edge in controlling the game’s tempo from the midfield.


However, what truly sets Guler apart is his lightning-fast decision-making. He processes information rapidly, allowing him to execute split-second passes that can shift the momentum of a match. This adaptability in adjusting his passing range based on the unfolding situation makes him a valuable asset, especially in tight and critical moments.


Beyond his short-passing proficiency, Guler demonstrates an impressive capacity for long, accurate passes. He can switch the point of attack or deliver pinpoint through balls to the forwards, adding a multifaceted dimension to his team’s attacking approach and keeping the opposition guessing.


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One of the key factors contributing to Guler’s success as a passer is his composure under pressure. Despite facing intense pressing from opponents, he remains cool-headed, retaining possession and seeking out passing opportunities with calm assurance. This poise also extends to set-piece situations, where his delivery from corners and free kicks adds an extra layer of threat to his passing game.


In conclusion, Arda Guler’s passing abilities and range make him a complete playmaker who embodies the essence of modern football. His exceptional technique, vision, and decision-making contribute significantly to his team’s success, making him a prized asset on the field.


Heading Ability


The Turkey international possesses a keen sense of timing and positioning, allowing him to dominate aerial duels despite his relatively smaller stature. His understanding of the flight path of the ball and precise judgment of when to jump gives him a clear advantage over taller defenders.


Guler’s heading technique showcases great versatility. He can execute powerful headers from long-range crosses, but equally impressive is his ability to redirect the ball with finesse, guiding it towards a teammate or the far corner of the net. His well-developed core strength enables him to generate significant power, even when being tightly marked.


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One area where he could further improve is his defensive heading. As he primarily plays in a more advanced position, he may not face defensive aerial challenges frequently. Nevertheless, enhancing his ability to clear aerial threats during set-pieces and defensive transitions would add an extra dimension to his game.


Guler’s heading technique stands out as remarkably advanced for someone of his age, a testament to his innate talent and unwavering commitment. However, the pursuit of mastery knows no bounds. By channeling his energies into enhancing core strength and sharpening the precision of his headers, Guler has the potential to ascend to new heights in the aerial realm.


As he aspires to reach his full potential, Guler’s influence on the field as a commanding presence in midfield battles, even in the later years of his career, could reach an even more formidable level. Embracing the process of improvement with profound zeal, he embodies the essence of continuous growth and the boundless potential to make an indelible mark on the beautiful game. With each passing day, his artistry may flourish, establishing him as a remarkable player admired for his unyielding commitment and the brilliance he brings to the game.




In the realm of football tactics, the crossing game holds a vital role in carving paths towards victory. And amidst this intricate dance on the pitch, Guler’s mastery in delivering those airborne deliveries shines as a radiant beacon of delight. Be it the wing or half-space; he orchestrates his crosses with a finesse that bewitches both fans and foes alike.


But what sets Guler apart from the rest? It lies in his profound understanding of Arrigo Sacchi’s four reference points: the ball, his teammates, the adversary, and the sacred space that connects them all. This intuitive grasp of the game allows him to exploit these reference points to great effect, curling the ball to his comrades with the utmost precision.


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Yet, as with any artist, even the finest strokes may falter. Guler’s inverted left-footed crosses, while quite adept at finding their intended target most of the time, occasionally lose their way, meandering into the embrace of uncertainty. It is the very nature of creativity, the willingness to take risks, that sometimes leads to outcomes beyond prediction.


Room for Improvement


Arda Guler faces a series of challenges that demand his attention and dedication on the training ground. One area warranting significant improvement lies in his execution of the dink through ball. Amidst a sea of bodies or in crowded areas, he struggles to deliver a well-placed pass, often misjudging the weight and resulting in either over-hit or under-hit attempts. Equally concerning is his difficulty with the drilled long shot, necessitating a honing of his lace technique.


Moreover, when Guler opts not to cut inside but ventures down the line, his crosses tend to suffer from predictability, flattening their trajectory and making them easy for defenders to anticipate and deal with. This aspect of his game could benefit from a thoughtful reevaluation and refinement.


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His stature and frame pose further challenges, especially when facing formidable and swift full-backs, and the looming presence of sizable central defenders amplifies the issue. A potential remedy for this lies in devoting time to strength training in the gym, where he may develop the necessary physicality to stand his ground against such opponents.


While displaying commendable pressing skills, Guler must exercise caution in his defensive maneuvers. His tendency to swing too quickly during challenges puts him at risk of missing the ball or engaging in rash tackles. However, it is encouraging to anticipate an evolution in this aspect of his game as he gains invaluable experience on the field.


Guler’s journey to footballing excellence demands diligence and perseverance in addressing these focal points for improvement. Through dedication and an open willingness to learn, he has the potential to overcome these obstacles and emerge as a more polished and accomplished player.

Arda Guler and Real Madrid: A Marriage That Can Work


Arda Guler’s potential fit into Real Madrid appears quite promising, considering the tactical flexibility the club offers its players. The shift away from an all-star “galactico” policy and towards a more youth-oriented approach has opened doors for talents like Rodrygo and Vinicius Jr., along with the anticipated arrival of Endrick in 2024. Moreover, Guler’s chance to be coached by Carlo Ancelotti before the coach departs for the Brazilian national team adds another layer of development to his journey.


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Despite some skepticism, Guler seems to have found the perfect team to nurture his talents. Madrid boasts experienced players who can aid in his acclimatization to the demands of top-level football. Moreover, the team’s winning mentality and strong work ethic create an environment where Guler can thrive and improve. Guler’s skill set aligns well with Madrid’s tactical requirements. His left-footed abilities complement the team’s attacking options, particularly in the right half-space, where he thrives. Furthermore, his versatility to play as a number 10, number 8, or a deep-lying playmaker offers Ancelotti numerous strategic choices and the potential to adapt to various match scenarios.


While Arda Guler’s small stature and lack of physical strength may raise concerns, within the right tactical context, these limitations can be masked. His agility and quickness enable him to navigate through tight spaces and outmanoeuvre opponents, while his intelligence and positional awareness compensate for any physical disparities. As the new generation of talent intertwines with the seasoned players, Real Madrid’s future shines bright with possibilities, and Guler’s journey to stardom seems to have found its perfect stage at the iconic Santiago Bernabeu.


By Tobi Peter / @keepIT_tactical 

Featured Image: @GabFoligno / Anadolu Agency